Wittner Metronome 816 with Bell


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The Wittner 816 Metronome offers a classic design to musicians and tutors alike. Featuring a frame built from walnut for long lasting durability and protection, the 816 pendulum face aids developing students and larger ensembles by showing the entire motion of each beat. This model’s adjustable tempo range can be set between 40 and 208BPM, whilst the multiple timing signatures suit a variety of styles. The 816 tempo and time signature can be instantly adjusted and have a large range to suit most modern and traditional music. The matte black finish is a smart look.

Wooden case, black polished finish
Mechanical metronome with bell
Time signatures: 0, 2, 3, 4, 6
The first beat in the tact is acoustically highlighted by the bell

Further Information:
Material  – Wood
Colour – Black
With Bell – Yes


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